Spanish Society And ABS Enter Agreement

The newly organized Spanish ship classification society FIDENAVIS, and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) have entered into an agreement of full cooperation between the societies, it was announced by Robert T. Young, chairman and president of ABS.

Under the agreement, the American and Spanish societies will cooperate in the classification and survey of ships and the exchange of technical and administrative information. ABS also will provide assistance to FIDENAVIS in training personnel and preparing the Spanish society's Rules of Classification.

The official name of the Spanish society is Sociedad Espanola De Clasificacion Y Registro De Buques, Artefactos Flotantes E Ingenios Oceanicos, FIDENAVIS, S.A. The principal office of the society is at Nunez de Balboa, 115, Madrid, 6, Spain.

The establishment of a Spanish classification society has long been an aspiration of Spanish shipowners, shipbuilders, naval architects, and underwriters. With the development and growth of Spain's modern merchant fleet, shipbuilding facilities, and marine underwriting, the Spanish maritime industry believed the time was propitious to form a ship classification society.

FIDENAVIS will concentrate the accumulation of technological experience of the shipbuilding industry and merchant marine in a national institution.

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